Particle core doesn't always connect to blynk cloud

Hi All,

I wonder if you can help. I have been playing with blynk and making a few little experiments to try the platform out. The current one is a BMP180 pressure breakout board.

The isue is that sometimes it works i.e. gices me almost instant results on my wigit, but sometimes it says the core is offline. When you look at the serial montor it says it is connecting to, with what looks like a time stamp in [] before it. The error code is 8442?

Any ideas how I can make this more stable?

Many thanks. :smile:

Which version of Blynk Library are you using?

Check that you switched to the latest one

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Thank you Pavel, just after posting I received and email saying there was a new “more stable” version for the Spark core.

I prefer to use Particle DEV and not the web IDE. Is the link in the web IDE to the GIT hub the correct one for 0.2.2? Which part / folder of code do I need to compile with my .ino file?

Thank you very much. :smile: