Pairing Custom blynk app to Photon

Hi there.
I’m a little confuse in developing custom app using blynk for business.

I’m developing a product base on Particle Photon.
Inside the photon, I have a webpage asking my customers to connect to their wifi. They just need to enter the standard ip address (, and they will arrive at the wifi setup page.

Now, from myPlant app demo, I understand that customers will be connected automatically to the hardware when they setting up the wifi. But how my customers going to pair the app to their photon?


In business version, we offer Particle Provisioning workflow. Which is similar to the regular WiFi provisioning in myPlant Demo, but customized for Particle hardware and claiming processes.

Also, you can still use the webpage, but utilize Blynk static provisioning mechanism.

Thanks @Pavel
Got it!

By the way, for Electron, I got no choice but to use static provisioning right?

At this moment yes, static is the way to go. But we are also working on Dynamic one.