Page limit is not enought for blynk plus

Hello. My name is Yıldırım.
I am working on a project it is middle sized and have too much potential.
I have purchased the blynk plus licence. It is pretty enought for my project except only one thing.
There is only 1 additional page in the app providing for plus licence. I may understand about your sale politics but there is a problem with this limit.
Blynk Plus licence commits 80 vidgets max per template. But there is no enought room for 80 vidgets if i want to use them all. So at least you could incrase this page limit to 3 for plus licence. Then plus licence owners can really use the 80 widgets. Otherwise, it is will be the mean you can not provide 80 vidgets for blynk plus users and 80 vidget commints becomes false. I think your sale team must re-think about it, there is no additional page for free version, there is only 1 additional page for plus version and other versions has unlimited additional page limits. I mean from 1 to unlimited is become looks like unfair.
Atleast it can be 0 - 3- unlimited.
Please consider my opinion.
Thank you for reading and your time.


80 widget per template and per page. So in total you can have 160 widget on free plan.

never mind i just realised the page is increasing the height automaticly when you add some new widgets. this topic can be lock and delete.

Yes, the pages are expandable and you can use tabs and you can also upgrade to plus or pro plan and use the new pages widget.