Page + Datastream aren't working together


For Icon Button, if Datastream is set and Mode=Page and the page is set, the Datastream does not activate.

If I change Mode=Push, then Datastream will activate.

I want both the Page to be pulled up but also have the Datastream activate at the same time: is this possible?

I am using the ESP32 with the latest iOS and Blynk library versions.

As far as I know, it’s not possible. When you set the mode to “Page,” nothing will be sent to the datastream. It will be empty.

Thanks @John93.

  1. If there are any devs reading this, is this a feature that can be added?
  2. If not, any recommendation on how to open up a page and set variable data with only 1 click would be nice (without having multiple pages).

It can be added. But it’s not in our roadmap at the moment.

Probably there is no way to achieve that right now. I’ll check with the team.