Own Image upload

Hey Guys,

Iam new in this area, i hope you can help me.

I try to upload a single Image For my blynk Programm.
It dosent need to be moving or something, it ist just the logo of my project.

I used a opensource upload side for pictures but alltime blynk says this url isnt supported.

Is there any other way to get my picture in the Programm instead of the widget Image gallery?


show us the URL to the image… or a different one if you don’t want to show the logo here.

Does the image display if you look at the URL to it in a browser?


We need the URL to the image, not the actual image itself.


Oh okay sorry


Based on the source code for that page, the URL you need is this…



Thank you very much How did you do that

As for the URL, I just used the link you provided, right clicked in Chrome and chose View Page Source and found the actual image location URL in the HTML code.

Now, this is probably not going to work the way you need for future… You need to find a hosting method wherein you can easily see/acquire the image’s URL, something like Dropbox, iCloud… etc.