OTA on wemos D1 mini

Over a year ago i made some of my simple house automation projects on wemos D1 mini. I put also the sketch from Updating OTA is amazing and OTA was working.

Because of other priorities, I didn’t play with arduino meanwhile so I forgot some stuff, but now I would like to update some of my sketches, but OTA does not work. I have read on that topic that there were issues and that some changed the order to make things work, but my code is already pretty much messed up.

Can anyone please post working code for ota? And another thing on my wishlist - is there option to modify and ota upgrade code from Android device?

working code here and also in the arduino ide examples.

yes, read the ota and http part of the docs. you can install some android arduino ide, and if they support esp, you can modify the code and upload via http

also, update the esp core to latest, 2.4.0 rc 1 or rc2, it has lots of bug fixes.

I apologize but I did not understand the operation of OTA. I have read many messages on the forum but I can not …
I need to understand the operation to do if I wanted to load a sketch on a D1 mini that unfortunately is placed in a very uncomfortable position to reach and so ppoter to load the sketches that I continue to develop would be very, very comfortable.
Thank you

OTA is not Blynk specific. Did you read the information on the link (to the OTA site) above? I recommend you Google for more information and tutorials about it as there is much to learn.

At the beginning, you will need to manually flash your sketch with the essential OTA files and library via the old fashioned way (USB), From then on the most basic form will show up in your IDE as a network option for flashing.

There are other semi-automatic and automatic ways of having your hardware update itself, but those are more complicated and require a form of web server… so start with the basics.

Here is a basic framework sketch that will allow OTA; You can merge the required parts into your existing Blynk sketches and start using OTA from then on.

This is an older tipic and has been resolved, so I am closing it. If you have further questions regarding OTA and your existing sketch, please create a new topic and supply your code, details of what you have tried and the results.

One quick tip… after flashing OTA capable sketch via USB, you MUST manually reset or repower the device before the OTA portion will work properly.