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I don’t know if it is possible to make this flowchart but it is very important for a project, I will try to explain it. From a main organisa􀆟on hang three more organisa􀆟ons, each of these organisa􀆟ons will have in this case one device each, (possibly they will have more). Each user of this organisa􀆟on (there will be many more than two) will have access to their device as shown in the diagram, but all users must have access to devices 3, 4 and 5. Is this possible? I would appreciate a guipa to be able to achieve this project, we would be talking about 10 devices and 400-500 users, so it is important. Thanks in advance.

Something like this would also apply:

Hello. The second scheme I think is real.
But according to the second scheme, users must switch to a sub-organization and create device. But they should be the developers. We have not yet implemented it, the ability to make other users developers

Looks like you have PRO Plan (40 devices)

According to your plan, you have a limit on inviting users 40. In this case, you need 500 PRO

I don’t understand the first scheme. What you mean - Device 1 ->Device 5; device3 → device4; device 2 → device4 and device5. ?

What I need is that all users of the main organisation can access devices 4 and 5, but the other devices can only be accessed from the app in mosaic mode to their devices, example:

  • All users access in tile mode from the app to device 4 and 5.
  • User 1 and 2 in tile mode from the app to device 4, 5 and device 1.
  • User 3 and 4 in tile mode from the app to device 4, 5 and device 2.
  • User 5 and 6 in tile mode from the app to device 4, 5 and device 3
    That is to say, from each user’s app, you can have access only to the common devices (devices 4 and 5) and to your particular device (devices 1 or 2 or 3 respectively).

This is foreseen for a commonwealth of neighbours, this commonwealth has in turn smaller communities, because of that there should be users with access to common areas but not to areas of each smaller community.

There is no such support. This is possible only as an additional development for business plans

Well, another business less for you and for me, you have to understand that there are people who cannot start a business with such a big investment. I will move on to another alternative from the competition, thank you.

You have a specific case. We have never been approached for this. Generally limit permissions for users on pro plans or create sub-organizations for users.

Sorry if I couldn’t help. Please contact if needed.