Orange pi zero and blynk

Hello everyone!

I want to order orange pi zero from internet as ususal

Will i have any problem with it in blynk integration?
Just using wiring pi for it and it will work as on raspberry pi?

I want order Orange Pi Zero too, but not sure about Blynk. Someone has any experience with this?



That’s great! Thanks for quick answer.
Best regards.

Hello I have already did that, but no success yet. Instead of WiringPi I used the modified library called WiringOP which is the adopted version of the WiringPi to orangePi. I was able to complie the Blynk application with this library on OrangePi instead of WiringPi. However I am not able to control the GPIO ports succesfuly. The Blynk application is throwing error messages in syslog that port -1 does not exist. However I was using port 17 in the code. Something is wrong with the interpretation of the pin numbers.

@eguven you are tagging onto much older topic (and unrelated to your issue) that has already been resolved.

Please create your own topic with more details on what you doing, any relevant code, etc. Thank you

PS WiringPi uses its own form of GPIO numbering, and who knows what WiringOP uses… a Google search should assist with that. Either way, you will probably not get direct pin control via Blynk App… you will need coding and virtual pins.