Opening google maps through Blynk app


First of all thanks to blynk ive done things I’d have spent months figuring out myself. This helps a lot for a person who is not a developer and specially docket programming.

So I’ve built a gps tracker unit and want to launch google maps with the coordinates the god unit passes.

In the blynk app the only way I can see this being done is webpage button but I can’t seem to figure out how I can update the link with my URL via the Arduino.

Example use-case is I have this god unit in my car, in the car park if I can’t find it I’ll open up Blynk app tap on a button that would launch google maps with my coordinates in its URL.

I’ve got the URL but sorted out. Just need to find out if there’s a way in Blynk app to set the URL.

As you mentioned… The WebPage Button Widget does NOT have a place to assign a vpin… thus no way of sending any info to it from the device… yet??

However, you should be able to simply use the Map widget and feed it the GPS coordinates for the same type of result

that’s too bad. Was hoping to launch google maps in direction mode to the dropped pin. Thanks again

Yes, I saw that unexpected option when I tested my coordinates (manually entered), and was replying to you with some test code when it belatedly dawned on me about the missing vPin (I had missed that part in your OP :blush: ).

Hopefully soon.

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Looking forward to it!

Btw found a bug in my logic. Test the unit on my car and no data came. Remembered that there’s no wifi when you’re not home :smiley: talk about a big loophole.

For now I’m getting the lat/lng data into a input text widget and using copy paste :slight_smile:

@Gunner quick question and don’t mean to cloud this thread.

Is there a way to set the default view or default location of the map widget to be somethign I provide rather than middle of the atlantic sea :slight_smile: (i.e. in my case its the atlantic sea)

In the settings you can set it to display your current location (based on the phone GPS)

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Thanks that worked!

Hi Sir @heshan,
I currently work on similar function which getting used the maps widget.
Can you share the code ?
Tq so much… you really inspired me…

Hi Fatina,

Honestly I have nothing much in the code for the widget. Ill share my code once I figure out how to format it…