Only 7 events and already exceeded the daily limit!

Hello good afternoon, I have a problem with the limit of events, my team only sent 7 events and I can no longer receive more, take the precaution of sending all the events to Timeline and there I can see the 7 events, I also configured all the events in the same way LIMIT PERIOD in 1 minute and the EVENT COUNTER in 1 but it still blocks me for 24 hours… before writing this, I read pete’s recommendations in this regard. From already thank you very much


Hi Jorge,

The limit considers all the events that the device sends. That means if your device sends more than 1 event per minute, they will be considered in the limit but will not be displayed on the timeline.

Dmitriy from Blynk

We will fix that issue with the next update. So you’ll see 100 events in the timeline as the result.