Online Status Bug

Hello, i’ve just noticed that the device view shows device as offline after some uptime, but the inputs/outputs works like a charm and app didn’t report Device is offline nor Device was disconnected. U can see that it is online by looking at history graph.

Also it magically repairs after some time and works again.

Hello. What server are you in?

ping ?

Sorry I’ve forgot. I’m running on custom server.

What version?

I think 0.21.1, but i’m not sure. Is there any way I can recheck it?

ps -aux | grep java

yep, 0.21.1. I noticed that you’ve pushed new update to github, so I’ll try version 21.2.

@wiipro all status fixes were in 0.21.1.

@wiipro could you please provide some steps for reproducing?
I suppose your app version is 2.1.0?

@Dmitriy Well, it is hard to tell when it happens, yesterday it occured at ~18:00, 2 days before at ~23:00 and today at ~14:00. I have my project running 24/7, and i can check temperatures by opening a blynk app. But sometimes when i open the app it shows me offline state in device view, but it is not. yep, newest version available.