Onion Omega2pro + Relay Expansion and Blynk

Hi, I only have a small problem! I have an “Onion Omega 2 pro” with a “relay extension” and blynk on the phone! The connection of blynk to the omega works! I just need a script which includes the when I press blynk a button switches the relay! Best still another ad in blynk about the status of the relay! This is everything! Thank you

Hello and Welcome to the Blynk Forum.

We don’t make custom scripts here… but there are many resources to help you learn how Blynk works, so that you can learn to make anything you want.

At the upper right of this page there are links to the Documents, Help Center and Sketch Builder Where you can learn the commands and see many example sketches that will help you get started (although most are C++ based). And as you learn, we (other users in this forum) can assist you as best able.

You can also search this forum for keywords that might bring up other topics full of questions, ideas and even some javascript code, suitable for RPi type hardware.

Happy Blynk’n :slight_smile: