One and most important feature is missing

Hello everyone no doubt blynk new api is the best iot plateform for learners and professionals

But I think, there is one of the most important feature missing it’s called fingers prints widget

What do you think about it?

I think it should be in widget menu

Do you mean unlocking Blynk app with a fingerprint/pincode?

No sir , actually I am working on a project where we can unlock our doorlock using our smartphone finger prints sensor

Which is need a widget that can be contacted to our smartphone finger prints sensor

Or we can say finger prints sensor authentication using blynk api widget

Is like when we touch on finger print widget blynk api authentic with our smartphone and process the next on off relays or any device same like a button

Fingerprint authentication on mobile devices is quickly becoming outdated technology and being replaced by facial recognition and iris scanning. So, the widget would need to be an “authenticate me” widget which used whatever authentication protocols were available for the device being used.
However, access to the new Blynk app can now be secured using Biometric Authentication (in the settings menu) so only authorised users would be avowed to use the app if you enabled this option.


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