Omega 2 DHT working library

I’m surprised I can’t find a DHT 11/22 library for Omega 2 that works with node.js also surprised there is nothing for bmp280/bme280.
Can anyone help in porting the raspberry Pi one over to Omega 2. It currently does not work for the Omega.

Sounds like a job for the Raspberry Pi or Onion forums. This is the Blynk forum and even any Arduino/ESP support for those devices is from 3rd party libraries, not Blynk directly.

In fact, you should simply jump right into Google… I did one search with keywords for that board and all three sensors and found lots of working code :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not surprised you haven’t found anything as it appears your tendency is to ask first without looking…

I recommend the above mentioned Googling, get it working, share your Blynk project with us, and prove me wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you for your responses. I did my googling. There are library’s available for raspberry Pi but they bring up a list of errors on execution. There is a built In DHT library on the Omega platform but getting it working with node.js is out of my league. This is why I was looking for a node.js library.

I did my googling,I’ve spent 20 hours trying to learn and snip code and libraries. I don’t appreciate an “obviously you didn’t look” Environment. That’s what kills these communities. I hope our next Interaction is more positive. Cheers!


But this is a Blynk forum, not a NodeJS forum. The most common language used here is Arduino C++

It could be… just provide more info next time, else all we have is what we see here… and you didn’t spend any time looking since joining (prior to posting)… just like many others asking for help without actually looking first… so what do you expect of us, mind reading? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you tried this search parameter?

I know nothing about the Omega, but I am slowly teaching myself NodeJS for use on my RPi… with Blynk… about a year’s worth of Googling examples and testing my own code. Still a newbie at it :slight_smile:

Even with a library, you still need to know enough JS to piece it together with supporting code… have you any NodeJS experience, or is that what you are trying to learn in your 20 hours?

BTW, a quick search in this forum found a few references already… Again, not familiar with the Onion Omega2, but it seems like it is a RPi compatible board… the bcm2835 library might be an issue, but then that seems more about a way of accessing the RPi GPIO, so it may not be needed in your case, or use an alternative.

I found this… Might work as is on the Onion Omega2…

Two Labeled Value display widgets (in my case V29, V30) set for 5 second reading rate. Using a DHT11

var dht = require('dht-sensor');
var current =, 4); // 11 : DHT11, Pin 4 : BCM GPIO  
var DHTtemp = new blynk.VirtualPin(29);  // Setup Temp Display
var DHThumidity = new blynk.VirtualPin(30);  // Setup Humidity Display

DHTtemp.on('read', function() {  // Widget calls for data (reading rate from temp display)
  DHTtemp.write(current.temperature);  // Sends temperature to Display Widget
  DHThumidity.write(current.humidity);  // Sends humidity to Display Widget

Google search time about 10 min… a few min to install and awhile longer on the coding because I kept trying to read the wrong data pin :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, spare time before bed, so one last search and I found this…

Are you sure you looked :stuck_out_tongue: