OLED char with Blynk

Hey everybody <3 have you heard about LOVEBOX? i want to send message to the OLED screen with Blynk help me out guy tks


What, you want help paying for it or something?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or if you want to make your own… well do so, but showing you how is NOT this forums purpose.

sorry :((( what i mean is to control OLED char display each times… can it be done by blynk app? tks
also i don’t know the code :slight_smile: can you help me out ?

If you mean that you want to input text into Blynk and have it display on an OLED screen then no, I don’t think there’s any way to do that directly, as Blynk doesn’t currently have a text input widget.
If you want to trigger predefined messages from Blynk then there are lots of ways to do that.

You coul tweet or email messages to the OLED, but then I don’t see where Blynk would fit in.

Either way, you’d need to have something like an ESP8266 connected to the OLED and you’d need to write the code for the ESP yourself (or get someone to do it for you, but I don’t think you’ll find that person here).


Terminal widget.

Does the Terminal widget allow text input?
(I dabbled with it as a way of displaying text once, but abandoned that approach, so have no real experience of it).


For sure.

Blynk has a widget for everything, my favourite is the Moon Lander widget.

Sadly not available for IOS yet!

@Eugene is working on it.