Offline status notification - two devices in one project

Dear users, I have Blynk project with two Nodemcu devices, I put in project widget Notifications and checked “notify when hardware goes offline”. It works but only for first device, if I power off second device, I don`t receive any notification. When I touch “processor icon” in blynk I see that second device is offline, so the only problem is with notification. Do you have idea how to get information about offline status from second device ?

Hello. Please provide more info. ios/android? latest app? local server?

Sorry, I forgot to add.
iOS 10.3.1, Blynk server, application version: 2.11.1 (0)

@Eugene please have a look.

After your question, I checked appstore for actual version, I update to 2.11.2 (0) and now it works correct, I am receiving notifications from both device. Thank you.

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