Offline notifications does not turn off

I need help I have projects made with blynk and from the small network interruptions I always receive notifications “went offline” I tried to disable notifications from the app but I keep receiving notifications offline. thanks to all of you.

Android or iOS?
Can you provide a screenshot of your app notification settings and if you have a notify widget the settings for that?
Are your notifications pop-ups or in the status bar at the top of the app?
Do you have multiple devices in your app?


yes I have 3 devices connected and the line has discontinuities ,Android

And the answers to the rest of my questions?


Are your notifications pop-ups or in the status bar at the top of the app?yes

excuse me but my english is not very good and maybe i didn’t understand all the questions

Do you have a Notify widget in your app?


yes, because I need notifications to determine functionality

And how is your Notify widget configured?


do I have to publish the code of all three devices?

There is also a setting for a longer time before it notifies you. I was just messing with that setting the other day but can’t find it now.

I’m not interested in your code, I’m interested on how your Notify widget in your app is configured.
It has a setting that says “Notify when hardware goes offline”. Is that turned on or off?


Thanks @PeteKnight that’s were that setting is. Go to the little notify widget you placed on one of the tabs in your app.


fantastic, I didn’t notice these settings. was high priority and 1sec. Thanks for existing!