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void loop()

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I am very new to this forum … I did something wrong !
My code is set for both Blynk and email notifications.
I just have two simple questions:

Does the app on the mobile be running in background to get Blynk notification?
I do not have any notification when my ESP goes off_line, Any help please ?

Thank for all

NO, app does not have to be running on the phone, it can be closed but the app must be left in the run mode, not edit mode.

Set it to run and close the app. Don’t switch back to edit mode.

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Have you added the notify widget to your project?
Have you turned on the notify option “Notify when hardware goes offline?”
Have you aet permissions on your device to allow the Blynk app to send notifications?

Which operating system are you using on your phone?


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thanks for having reply.

yes, I selected notify when HW goes off ( set to ON ), offline ignore period set to INSTANT, priority set to HIGH.

on my ESP I set those two lines:"", "ESP8266 Alert", "Temperature over 27C! >> to GMAIL  ");
 Blynk.notify("ESP8266 - Temp Box over 27 C! to mobile > MOBILE ");

I do receive emails and notification when the temp is above 27 C: Blynk notify is received only if the Blynk app is running. E_mail is always received. I am sorry for my bad English …

Dale could you please spend few more words about run, edit … close, please ?

I am using Android on Asus 4 max mobile.

The point is that I do not receive notification when the HW goes to OFF_line.
Thank for your assistance .

regards, Ambro

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Thanks Gunner for the indication: that is clear to me now.
I did shut down the esp but I still do no have notification.
One more thing …. regarding Android , I did press the play button ( triangle ) but now: do I have to press the mobile lateral hard Button or I do have to close the Blynk Application, please ?
I receive notification ONLY if I do press the lateral hard button of the mobile without closing the Blynk app.
Is this correct or I misunderstood something ?
Thanks again

The App must remain “active” AKA in run mode and, at very least, running in background of phone… Typically done automatically when calling up another App or opening the Phone’s Home Screen.

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I do appreciate your kind assistance.
I do understand that the Blynk app on the mobile phone must stay at least in background operation to receive Blynk notification. At the moment I receive email and notification on mobile when the ESP8266 detect a temperature greater than 27 C. This is OK. When my ESP shuts down going offline, then I receive a Blynk notification on the mobile but I do not receive any email: is this correct ?
Thank for all

Correct, I believe it is because becasue the “Device offline” notification is a Server -->App generated message, but email is a Device → Server generated message. No email code running on Device or no Blynk connection with Device, no email.

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Thanks Gunner,
now the operation of the system seems to be much more clear to me !
Very good explanation and assistance.
I understand my system is working as expected.
All the best,
North Italy

Just another info:
Is it possible to send a call ( mobile call ) in order to get the continuous ring…ring ring notification ?
Any other method to get continuous audible notification please ?

AFAIK The push notification sound is currently the only way to make your phone make noise.

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