Numeric Input Rounding to Two Decimal Places

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. I’ve searched the forums and documentation but can’t find an answer.

I’m trying to use the numeric input widget to specify latitude and longitude coordinates, so I need 3-4 decimal places of accuracy (at least). When I type a number into the input, it rounds it off to two decimal places every time. Serial.print confirms that my device is receiving the rounded number (so it’s not just a display issue on the app).

Does anyone know how to increase the resolution? It looks like others have had this problem in the past, but Blynk rolled out updates that solved the problem for most. I’m running the latest version of the app and have the latest libraries installed, so I’m not sure why I would still be having the issue.

I know I could probably just use a text input, but I want to see if I can figure out how to make this work before considering that option. Appreciate any help!

Using an Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 and iPhone XS.

It seems to be how the widget works.
If you enter a number with say 5 decimal places, then tap another widget you’ll find that the number has changed to two decimal places.


Thanks, Pete. Helpful to see that it works the same for other iPhone users.

I’m just confused because based on previous questions (e.g. this forum post), it looks like other users have been able to get up to 5 decimal places. Maybe that’s only on Android? @Gunner, any thoughts on why I’m getting a different result than you did in December '18? Are there any Android users out there who wouldn’t mind testing that theory for me?

Num input rounds to 2 decimal places on iOS. Looks like Android app allows up to 5 now, I missed that change.
I’ll increase to 5 decimal places on iOS for parity.

Thanks for report.


Thanks for letting me know! And thanks for making the change.