"numeric input" acts weird. Or is it just me?


If I could set the “step” in “numeric input”-settings with decimals. now I can´t. Thats why those + and - has always minimum 1 whole step. Keypad itself works just fine, nothing wrong with it. And I cant press + or - when the keypad is open.

for Gunner. I havent tested that Step Widget, but this numeric input would be better for my purposes now. And if I get it right… yes, “on the fly adjustment”.

So decimals work with the keypad dont get me wrong… nothing serious… just those + and - has that minimum 1 whole step, which would be nice to be able to use with for ex 0.1 steps.


It won’t help in your case, but just FYI … the iOS version of the Numeric Input widget accepts a decimal step. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until we have parity between iOS and Android.


Yes they are very similar… IMHO, almost best to make one customisable widget.

Not what I was referring too… more like an actual widget that looked and acted like a keypad… all the time. But again, that would probably have differing purposes, both aesthetic an intuitive.

I can confirm this…

@Lobotomi the Android issue may be just a glitch. Make sure you are running the latest version of the App… I would even recommend the Beta version.


Decimal steps are supported from the very introduce of this widget, it is required to use a virtual pin on this widget for their support to be enabled. +/- button works correctly if you have 0.1 step


Oh Thanks I didn´t know that it acts like that. I just hadn´t set the virtual pin for it yet. But if I first set the virtual pin, then surprise the decimals start to work. It´s bit weird behaviour, but decimals work after all

So sorry bout this trouble it was my mistake.

Thanks a lot for helping.



Only virtual pin can support float values, so only for them this support has been enabled.