Number of virtual pins

Hello to all (excuse my english)
Now finally it is available widget “TABS” the number of virtual pins is really too little limiting for home automation projects.
Even using one Arduino Mega 31 vpins are few … in my project I wanted to also add other nano around the house with the same token but I already used 20 virtual pins just for the garden irrigation on the first of the tabs button, and then for everything else other 11 are very few!
So it allows you to make only small projects, allowing you to insert many widgets also increase the credits to buy … :slight_smile:

Installing local servers can increase virtual pin alone? or they are set on the app code? you can increase in any way?
Thank you have a nice day

Hello. Thanks for suggestion. We already created ticket for that -
You are welcome to subscribe to get notification when it will be resolved.

Thanks Dmitriy I had not seen that page.

IDEA: Another thing given that the widget buttons “tabs” are only 4, I do not think it is a big problem stretch the page down so you can scroll vertically, thus increasing the amount of widgets that can be added per page. …

Thanks again and good luck!

We thought about that. But scrolling will be a problem when interacting with widgets.