Now to add additional recipients to the event log?

Alright I have a small esp8266 device that monitors our garage door. I want to push notifications (text messages) to wife and myself. My wife is assigned as a staff member under my account. I can add myself (owner) to the notification list but how do I add my wife.

Previously I could just do our phone with a message. Is there anyway to do that now?




Create some event with Enable notifications management.
Device->Notifications Settings->Choose this event->Edit settings and you can add another user…

I’ve tried several times. The only user that is visible is the owner; myself. I cannot select or type anything else in the fields.



Hi Roger,

Please make sure you are not doing this in the template settings when editing an event. You need to go to the menu described above - Device->Notifications Settings->Choose this event->Edit settings

Dmitriy from Blynk

I am sorry; I missed the part about enabling Notification management. It now works as you directed after enabling Notification management in the device template, and then selecting the magnifying glass for the device page. And then following your instructions for the device page. You were smack on!

I can’t confirm that the notifications will go to both phones at this time, but I expect that they will work. I will follow up otherwise.

Regards and Thanks Again,