Notifications on Android 8

My phone (Samsung S8) recently upgraded to Android 8 and since then my Blynk notifications only come through when the phone is on (screen on). As soon as the phone goes into sleep (when screen turns off) the notifications from Blynk no longer come through. As soon as I turn on the phone any old notifications then come through.

Other notifications still work (WhatsApp, mail, etc) and notifications come through on another phone running Android 7 so I am assuming that something in the Blynk app doesn’t like Android 8?

Please could you check whether you can find anything wrong?


Check: Settings -> Notifications -> Allow Blynk Notifications.
I’ve got a S8 and it works fine.

@psoro Thanks for the info. I suspect that it is a setting on the phone (battery saver or something like that) but I cannot find anything which works. Very frustrating as I have my alarm system connected into it and not getting notifications is “alarming”.

Set your notification widget to HIGH priority… worked for me when my 8 update came through (and screen OFF)

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@Gunner Thanks will try.

@Gunner is right - you need to set the notifications to high priority mode, as in latest androids there are lots of restrictions for the app’s background work.

I have set the notification widget priority to High and tested. It is much better - notifications are now coming through. There is still a big delay on them - have measured up to 1.5 minutes elapsing before notification comes through.

I will have to persevere and look for other battery settings which could cause this :frowning:

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