Notification widget with several devices at 1 project

I’ve a project with several devices and I need to receive e-mail or notification, if some specific device is offline. As I can understand to do this via e-mail, it’s impossible. So the only solution is notification widget, but how I set the notification for specific device, if my project has several devices.


Not sure if you’re using blynk-cloud or a private server, both will still work, but using a private server will make it easier to station the script i have in one location.

I wrote a node js script that works with a bridge. It just changes a vpin to 1 when an email needs to be sent out.

so Toast is done, set v5 to 1 and let the emails script handle the rest, the email script sends a custom email for v5 and then changes the v5 value back to Zero.

When beer is cold, set v6 to 1 and let the email script send out an email. the script sends out that the beer is ready to drink and changes v6 back to zero.

Lemme know and i’ll post it if you can use it. It does rely on the blynk bridge widget, but not the email widget.

I’m using blynk-cloud. So how can I set the notification for specific unit, which is located in my project, when it goes offline?