Notification when I get home

I would need a little help with the idea of ​​how to execute the notice, but i only receive it when i get home or close to home and not when it happens.
I have a robotic lawn mower and I would like to use the information that it works when I get home so that I don’t run over it.

My first idea was to use a map, but I don’t know if it would work.

Any of you have a better idea??

Thanks for your time.


The Android Legacy app did have a GPS Trigger widget, which would allow you to define an area then trigger an alert when you entered or left that area. It wasn’t implemented on iOS, and isn’t present in the current list of IoT widgets.
That means you’d need a different method of doing the geofencing, or rely on some other presence detection system.
IFTTT has a geofencing facility, but I’ve never used it.
There are also other presence detection options, most of which are based on Bluetooth, but this may not be suitable for what you want, as the range may too limited.