Notification spamming

Hi all,
I have a nice little project setup that monitors the charging of a solar panel. The Blynk app works well and was easy to set up. The device is based on a Particle Photon measuring the charging process via voltage dividers. The device goes into deep sleep for 5 minutes and then reconnects to report its data. This all works well.

Whenever the device starts and stops charging, I want to receive a notification. The code I use below, but my problem is that Blynk will send the Notification without regarding the previous value. The result is that I’ll receive a constant stream of messages telling me that my device is charging. My question is then: do the device have to handle all state and state changes? If so I’ll have to implement an EEPROM to maintain state between sleep cycles. There is no “intelligence” built into the Notification system preventing this?

// tell blynk if charging status changed
            if( lastChargeStatus != areWeCharging )
                if( areWeCharging == 1 )
                    Blynk.notify("Currently charging");
                } else {
                    Blynk.notify("No longer charging");
                lastChargeStatus = areWeCharging;

Oh well. Just forget this. Using EEPROM solves it, though I have no warranty that the Push notification gets through. That’s fine for now.