Notification multiple problem

We use Blynk with success on a application on industrial machine…

We have create on 1 account diffrent projects and clonning this one for distribution and check with our customer.
We have genereted a LINK (Generate Link on shared access) for communicate à QR code at our customer.
Each customer have scan our QR code and have access to the project only for consulting.
Ecah device as a diffrent Auth code
Everythings it ok and the communication with the diffrent device is OK.

We have use the notification fonction for the transmition of machine problem, and when a notification is send form 1 of device ALL project also receive this notification
We don’t understand why the sending of notification is not only communicate to the project whith coresponding at the good auth code?

Can you help-me please !

@AXYX_concept there were a few bugs with notifications that have recently been fixed.

Is it an app or a project that you are running?

Try updating to the latest app and library versions etc.

Hello Costas

It’s a project…

Good, update everything and let us know if you still have the problem.

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@AXYX_concept app versions? Local server?

Ok, I have update my phone and 2 ipad… but the probleme it’s the same.

On my iPhone I have my account with 2 project MACHINE_1 and MACHINE_2.
This 2 project run on 2 diffrents module (MOD1 and MOD2) whith ESP-wromm-02 with the same program (on Adruino) but with 2 AUTH code diffrent.

On Ipad 1, I’m running a shared MACHINE_1 project, and the MACHINE_2 on the second Ipad.
The data transmit by MOD1 and MOD2 are corectly tranmit to the god Ipad.

When I make a action for send a notification on one MODx the notification is sending to Ipad1 and Ipad2.
I dont understand why the Blynk server don’t take care of the AUTH code from the module generator of the notification for sending at the god project?

I think when a MOD send a notification, the server send this at all project of the account…
I continue my to cheking…


I use the Blynk app for the cération if the template with widgets.

@AXYX_concept in order to help you we need all info. What app versions do you currently have on Ipads? Do you use local server or not?
Do you have 1 device per project? Is that correct?

Please try logging out (and logging in back) on the devices where you get wrong notifications.
If that won’t help, please send us the logs from the About page in Blynk app with comments of what shouldn’t be received.

I understand well…
I have the same version on each device (iPhone and iPad): version 2.11.2 (0).
I use your server.
On my account I have two projects and each uses the same device with the auth code of each project.
To understand this, it is a module based on an ESP-WROOM-02 which is placed on two different machines (one in Belgium and one in Norway) These modules receive data from their machine via the serial port of ESP . This data is visible remotely by our technical service and corresponds well to each machine (it is ok no mixing between projects). We send emails in case of problems on different addresses and it works well (the address is programmed in each machine). There are just the notifications that are not transmitted correctly to the projects related to the module …

Otherwise the Blynk concept is great, we are in test and validation. As soon as we plan to publish an app to simplify the handling of users and plan to equip all our machines (1000 per year) with obviously the transition to the PRO version …

Thank for your assistance

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