Notification e-mail stop working

It’s my first time using the platform.
I have configured an event and a notification added to it. The problem I have is that I only received an email notification of the event. Then I didn’t get any more emails, the hardware has been connected for several days.

Arduino Platform.
Blynk Library 1.0.1.
ESP32 Hardware.

You need to provide screenshots of the event setup, and the notification configuration in the template view.

You also need to provide your code (correctly formatted with triple backticks, which look like this ```)

It would also be useful to provide a screenshot of the device timeline tab, showing how many times the event has been triggered in the past 24 hours.



Timeline events:


  if(inputED1Old != inputED1){
    inputED1Old = inputED1;
      Blynk.logEvent("ev_entrada_1", "Entrada 1 ON");
      Blynk.logEvent("ev_entrada_1", "Entrada 1 OFF");      
  if(senalWifiDebilOld  != senalWifiDebil){
    senalWifiDebilOld  = senalWifiDebil;
      Blynk.logEvent("senal_wifi_debil", "Señal Wifi Débil");
      Blynk.logEvent("senal_wifi_debil", "Señal Wifi Ok");      

Thanks for the reply!

Notification settings:

Notification settings:

Events settings:

Events settings

I only receive one email for each event.

Have you tried changing the limit period to 1 minute instead of 1 hour ?

The snippet of code doesn’t really help us to understand how and when the events are triggered, which may have an impact on your issue.

as @John93 has pointed-out, you have the limit period set to 1 hour. This means that no matter how many times the event is triggered in the 59 minutes after it is first triggered, no further notifications will be sent. Notifications are limited to 1 per hour for that event.


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That parameter passed me by. Mail sending works correctly.
Thank you very much for the help! :slight_smile: