Not retaining labels

Earlier tonight - I renames the labels on history graph. Later this evening I logged in on another phone - and the labels were back to their originals.

I checked on the original phone and the labels were updated… however on that original phone, I logged out - and logged back in - and the labels had reverted to their original state before I started any of this.

Something wrong there.

(latest Blynk server as of a couple of days ago - running on Raspberry Pi2 - which has not rebooted or been turned off).

I can repeat this now. Change one of the 4 labels, start - stop - logout - login - the labelling reverts back to original.

It is also happening with buttons…

I had that same issue, the only solution I could find was to delete the widget then after restarting blank recreate the widget with the new lables / virtual pins or whatever.

Guys, please tell which OS - iOS or Android?

I am on iOS and I can tell you @scargill is on android

@scargill @Toshi_Bass is issue reproducible right now?

hmm no, it appears to work ok now, did you fix something or should I keep trying to recreate this issue ?

We did a fix. But if it appear - please tell.