Not connecting to Blynk server

I created a simple demo app with Blynk. I used the same code in the example for ESP8266_Standalone, edited the SSID, pass and entered the auth. Now when I upload the sketch, the serial monitors only shows this!


The mobile app is offline.

Can you tell me what Im i doing wrong?

No idea… and your image didn’t come through.

Watch this video and try again.

The issue is the NodeMCU is not connected to the Blynk server. How do I fix this?

You still haven’t really provided much info… but based on port 8441, it looks like you are trying to use SSL

Don’t, apparently the ESP8266 just can’t handle it.

Run standard WiFi


If that doesn’t work, them please provide more info… ESP hardware, exact sketch used (showing libraries), etc. Preferably post copy/pasted text and not big screenshots, thank you.