(not a project) but how do YOU code your projects? the IDE?

i use Arduino 1.6.9 (started at 1.6.3) but i am now dealing with 1000+ line code and thinking: are there better coding interfaces?

all i have ever used is the Arduino IDE, so maybe it IS the best?

but maybe i would like to be able to ‘see’ my code more intuitively, instead of scrolling up and down, and doing cumbersome find/replace things…

I don’t know if this is of any use, but it’s the first thing I found when I typed ‘alternatives to arduino IDE’ in google.


I feel like this would get more answers on the actual arduino forum, however. But I do know that there’s always different ways to shorten, and neaten up your code more. Other pairs of eyes usually do help.


wow - that’s the first thing i got when i Googled it too! we must have the same Google!

there’s a whole page on Eclipse over there too:


and im sure it would get “more answers” over on the arduino.cc site, however - when we have people like @costas @Lichtsignaal @psoro @chrome1000 @structure7 and @Gaff (just to name a few) on here who are beacons of coding know-how, i’d rather a discrete set of opinions rather than what tends to occur on the Arduino forum…

go figure! lol

yeah i know what you mean haha.

I didn’t even know about that Eclipse page, I’m gonna go check it out!

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yeah, i started trying to get into it - realised i was way over my head (as usual) and came back to comfortable Blynk forum to see if anyone could help my n00b brain out!!

@Dave1829 calling us to the mat! :wink:

I’ve still been been using 1.6.5 but I’ve been tempted to check out PlatformIO… no time like the present!

My code too is getting unwieldy.

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Any of you guys applied for Arduino Web editor? It’s pretty cool, I love it.

I did try the Eclipse IDE, but for my purpose it’s too big and heavy. I just use the Arduino IDE because it has a relatively small footprint and works everywhere. I tend to organise my own projects and code on a cloud-based storage so I can access my projects from literally anywhere.

Some people like to use cloud-solutions to code and upload, but I like my code local :slight_smile:

Lots of comments helps with organizing you code and making flow diagrams, putting your thoughts in words to explain to yourself what you want to accomplish and taking some distance every now and then.


And for the bigger projects I also tend to collect all bookmarks in one folder. That way you can access sources of information really quick :slight_smile:

But besides all that, I let my code and programs grow in a natural fashion on their way to maturing, like good wine, it needs to rest for a while, be contemplated and tasted with in mind the predicted end-result. Sounds pretty vague, but it’s how I like to work :smiley:

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Wow! @Dave1829, you are pointing really high about me…I’m far from their knowledge. I enjoy Blynk forum as I can see always good cooperation from other Blynkers and learn a lot every day. I really appreciate your words. :slight_smile:
Going straight to your question… I have only been using Arduino IDE since the beginning. As @Lichtsignaal, I prefer my code local… That’s the reason I’m using the Local Server…

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PlatformIO is one of the best IDE i used actually it’s atom IDE with PlatformIO CLI integrated on it.
very good and easy and autocomplete is very helpful and it catches the typos and wrong syntactic while you are writing(like most of the IDEs not Arduino). OTA for ESP is much easier and straight forward . just point the IP address of your ESP taht you want to send the OTA.


I’ve been using Visual Studio with the Visual Micro plugin.

yep, had to do this today with my if/else’s:

if the thing is lower than the other thing plus a small markup, then don’t do the something!

OK, i might check that one out… and ESP OTA simplicity will help me extensively!

thanks all for your inputs, i will report back how i go with PlatformIO