NodeMcu Went offline after a while when Using superchart widget

Dear Blynkers ,

First of all thank you Blynk team for the new Release for IOS 2.10.0 and Android 2.15.0 . Actually i create one project to collect and plot temperature sensor data using the new Super chart widget , it was working fine when i choose Blynk cloud server , but when i use the local server, the Nodemcu went offline after a while and i have to reset it before i can use it again , is there any suggestion to solve this issue . note that i am using the latest update of Blynk local server and IOS Blynk APP 2.10.0 .

thanks .

We could use a bit more details…

So it WILL work for awhile before going offline? If so, how long?

Do you see an error message on the App?

Are you using Android, IOS or both?

Confirm you are using Server v0.26.3

Have you tried any other devices/projects/sketches with your Local Server… it it stable with them?

it was work like 15 second only and the chart was showing very nicely after that went offline and i have to reset it before i can use it again.

there is no error massage in the APP just showing offline . i am using the latest version of IOS app and server v0.26.3 .All the other projects are working fine with local server.

Then I guess we need to see the chart settings and perhaps the sketch that generates the data.