NodeMcu V3 and PCA9685 Robot Arm problem

Hello, I would like to do Robot arm 4 dof NodeMcu V3 and PCA9685 but I have no idea how to do it, could someone help me?

To be honest, this forum doesn’t really work like that.
If you have your robot arm and additional hardware working correctly without Blynk, then need assistance adding Blynk in to the equation then I’m sure there will be forum members who will be happy to assist with that.

In that situation, you’d need to share information about your hardware, current software, what you intend to achieve with Blynk, what you want your mobile dashboard to look like, what virtual pins and datastreams you’ve set- up etc. Along with what your Blynk related issues are, and any compilation or functional problems you’ve encountered.


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Ok thank you i want to make 4 dog robotic arm with Control over wi-fi with Nodemcu V3 and PCA9685 servo driver using Arduino IDE i want to use 4 slider to Control servo problem is i dont now how to use esp8266 with pca9685 driver over blynk sorry for my eanglish i Hope you can understand me thank you

As I said, get your hardware working without Blynk, then come back and share all of the relevant info.