NodeMCU V1.0 low voltage on GPIO ports

Hi everyone. 5 days ago I started testing my board in home automation. Worked like a charm for 2 days switching gate controller and alarm via NPN transistors… But now everything stopped. Board is alive, but voltage output is very low when I try to switch any port to HIGH (0.1V). I got confused: In the past It was able to excite a transistor base, but now barely lights a small led. I flashed firmware at least 2 times, but didn’t work. What happened? Can I use some circuit to amplify this voltage?


first of all, it is unlikely that the problem is caused by blynk, so the issues and errors is not the proper category (we use this to report issues and errors in the app or library not with our hw or projects)

second: whitout giving more details, nobody can figure out what might happened. post schematic, code (properly formatted), hardware info, psu type, data, data, data…

Hello. Do you have latest app version 2.16.7?

This time it is.

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