NodeMCU & SimpleTimer to run relay for 20 seconds then turn off

Hello. Any sucessfull with simple timer with NodeMCU? I only need to turn on relay for 20 seconds and then turn off.

Not only successful… it is almost a necessity…

Check out the Documentation and some of the examples as well as searching this forum for BlynkTimer

i dont understand this timer. i think that is only for reapiting


Repeating, single shot, combos of both, etc.

It is THE timer to use with Blynk and is very powerful… many, many examples and explanations scattered in this forum.


timer.setTimeout(20000L, RelayOFF);  // in 20 seconds run the RelayOFF() routine

ok, iam understanding now. I will try it after sleep

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Ok, timer is working :slight_smile: Thanks for help

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