NodeMCU, SD card stream using Blynk

I have developed a data logger that sometimes used in a remote installation (No wifi etc.). It originally communicated via GSM. I still want to control control the device using blynk and GSM, however I do not need to transmit the actual data in real-time (unnecessary and costly -lots of data).

So I would like to store the data in an SD card, and then stream it when I get the device back to a wifi spot.

So 2 questions:
Can I use the use blynk to plot data from an SD card?
Is it possible to start a data stream from SD card using a button in blynk (i.e. send the data to a file server)


Hello. File upload is not supported. However you can read data one by one from SD card and send it via regular virtualWrite. Also as additional option, you may use for that http api. It may be simpler for batch data.