NodeMCU constantly disconnecting

Hey people I’m doing this project ( and it works fine as long as I dont disconnect my nodemcu from my computer. When I disconnect it starts connecting and disconnecting continuously from blynk, I dont think it’s a power supply issue! Please help me

I think it probably is a power supply issue. Maybe your power supply is inadequate, or you’re missing a Ground connection somewhere?

Try testing what the voltage is between the 5V and GND pins of the NodeMCU with the computer attached and then disconnected.


I’m using a lm7805 that is working fine. That’s really strange

The instructables project uses a LM2596 module.


could it be the problem? In my mind it doesn’t matter what regulator I use. But I’m a noob so idk

Well, look at it logically - you’ve taken a design that works, modified it and now it doesn’t work.

What does your multimeter say when you do the test I suggested earlier?


Double check your code even when arduino done compiling good , some time do not work
sorry about my English.

I tested with lm2596 and the problem persists. I dont know what else I can do

Does it work okay when you have nothing connected other than your 5v power supply?