NodeMCU Blynk Colorfader with button

Helloy guys,

I created some really basic portable RGB LED lamps with Blynk and NodeMCU (esp8266).
Now I want to have a button in Blynk that, if pressed, lets all colors of the LED fade. Like red–>purple --> blue --> cyan–> green --> yellow --> red and so on. And a second button that changes the fading speed.
But I dont know how to start a function or how to change a variable in NodeMCU depending on the button state. It should still be able to change the color of the LED within the app so it should not fade trough the colors all the time but only at button press.
Maybe some of you guys can help me.

We can assist you with the Blynk aspects… but aside from some basic direct GPIO control, Blynk is not the “controller” of things like RGB lighting, rather it is the GUI interface. So while you can use a button and/or slider to provide values… it is your code and whatever RGB library you might be using that does all the work with said values.

You can easily Google for such Arduino/ESP examples and there are even some projects in this forum using the FastLED library that can give you some hints on the how too. Just search for FastLED… but again, the final coding is up to you.