Node-Red Blynk contrib issue with Virtual Pin 0 when upgrading to v1.0.1

I recently upgraded to v1.0.1 of @gab.lau’s excellent plug-in for Node-Red and discovered a small issue.
Some of the button widgets on one of my Blynk projects stopped working and after a bit of head scratching I realised that it was only buttons that were attached to virtual pin 0.

I’ve raised an issue on Gabriele’s github page, which describes the problem and also includes a simple workaround, which involves allocating the Write Event node to a different pin, re-deploying the project, then changing back to pin 0.

So far, only Write Event nodes seem to be affected, but f you come across any other nodes that are affected by this issue please update the github issue, or post your findings here.

New Write Event nodes assigned to projects aren’t affected by this issue, it only seems to be ones that were created under an earlier version.