Node-red and Blynk 0.21.0


I have recently upgraded my local Blynk sever to 0.21.0 and my node-red installation on Raspian to 0.15.2. I am using Tzapu’s websocket nodes. Since the upgrades, the connections to the nodes would drop and reconnect every 15 seconds. I have found that adjusting the timeout parameter in the Blynk local server config file [hard.socket.idle.timeout=15] does indeed vary that timeout time but I have not found a time long enough for it to stop dropping the connection. As the doc suggests if have used [hard.socket.idle.timeout=] to stop the timeouts all together but I wounder if this is a good idea longer term.

Does anyone have and comments or suggestions??


Default Blynk logic is next - every 10 seconds hardware should send ping command. If server doesn’t get any ping command withing 15 seconds (by default) it will drop connection. So question here - what happen to ping commands after update? Can you check with prev version of node-red? Is it works?

It depends. In some cases your app may be unresponsive due to this change.