No new releases for a long time


Hi @Dmitriy

Just wondering what’s happening in the world of blynk? Usually releases come out quite regularly - either bug fixes or new features. There’s been nothing for ages. What are you guys working on?


I think it’s probably fair to say that the developers are focusing on their paying clients rather than prioritising development for the free app. There is obviously some overlap, and we get some of the crumbs that fall off the table :wink:, but they have to follow the money.

There’s obviously a balancing act here, because the free app can act as a feeder for paying clients and users of the free app help spread the word.

Having said that, they recently setup the portal to allow ideas to be submitted and voted on, which is a great way to gauge the appeal of certain new features and establish priorities for what might make it into the free product.



We have few updates for Blynk app itself too and this should be released in few weeks (link button and hopefully basic image widget).


We are working on Android app’s optimization, new widgets (long awaited Image widget) and some updates to old ones (like resizable LED), - soon we will open beta access to this release


PLEASE, do also project sorting, give us the chance to arrange the project according to our criteria.



Vote for it here:




Good news. Please do keep your user acceptance audience in the loop. The product is a very fine product due in part to the Blynk team creativity and in part to your huge other team who test and offer up a shed load of ideas :slight_smile:

I do hope that Blynk does not go the way of pachube. It started off free and then by the time it was sold on many times the offering became £50000 and was aimed entirely at corporates.

But I feel in my bones you guys will keep the small nerds like me in your sights with bug fixes and crumbs from the table where the fee paying clients sit. A very necessary strategy for you guys to get your product into the big time and get some returns for all your hard work.



Actually blynk app’ users benefit from Blynk business side, for example, most new widgets done since previous fall has been done for business customers, and are available in Blynk app.



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