(no more needed) Remove specific values from graph


I caused my project to report a very wrong value, and now it is recorded in the history graph.
It is 3 orders of magnitude larger than all other data, so the auto scaling dwarfs everything else.

The graph data is stored in .bin files. Is there a way to access and edit data from those, without losing all the data?

EDIT: This is no more necessary as i have determined the previous data to be biased as well and concluded that it’s best to restart from zero anyway

Since you solved it the best way anyhow, this answer is more for the inevitable “I have same exact issue, what was solution” post 1-3 years later :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can probably edit the .bin files (Local Server users only)… but if you need to ask how, then don’t even try… it is not going to be a simple text editing procedure… I think it is actually in HEX?

Yeh, but hex is just a way of showing raw bytes to humans, there sure is a machine-readable format hidden in there (maybe a postgres database?), since it is clear that blynk server can read and write data that makes sense in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think solving this would be interesting for sure, especially since I’m likely to have the same issue in the future

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