No globe icon in the Device (Spyglass) view

The globe icon in the Device (Spyglass) view doesn’t exists any more.
Did I make a mistake?
No globe icon

It’s there for me…


Do you have some locations defined, and devices assigned to them?


Some weeks ago It was ok, I changed nothing.
I have a Location ‘Location’ in the template Metadata and the Location adress is defined in the device Location Metadata.

@whogarden what plan do you have? If you’re on plus or pro it should be there. Could be a bug.

I am using plus plan.

Hello, @whogarden

Today, the map button is only available for the PRO plan.


the more time passes, the less functionalities we have. I regret it a lot.

Now I can see an orange globe with necessary information and that is enough for me.

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