No Energy - i used different email from my appleid

Hi, i have same problem, i used different email from my appleid. Is that a problem?

Just now i already use same email woth my apple id to register blynkk app, energy only 2000 pls help. Thanks

I moved your issue to it’s own topic as tagging onto others topics is not approved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As per other similar Energy issues… there is nothing we in this forum can do, we are all just fellow Blynk users. But if nothing happens after a few hours or a day, you can try to PM @Dmitriy your account info for him to check…

Yes, It should be done on the same email account as your Blynk app, as I believe that email is the link.

Generally the processing of Energy purchase may take some time, particularly with the Apple it seems, and/or may require reloading or even reinstalling the App (unsure why that is, as the Server account is where the energy amount is stored not in the App, but it sometimes works).

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It’s not a problem.

Please do the following:

  • Quit the Blynk app completely
  • Go to System Settings → Blynk and enable, if needed, the “Enable logging” option
  • Launch the Blynk app
  • Go to About screen and send us the logs
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Same here, I haven’t received mine yet and it’s been about 2-3 days but it’s probably some technical issue that needs to be worked out or verified before approving the purchase.

Still the same. Energy only 2000. This is after I checked enable logging in the setting

@Abdurrohman_Hasan, not my ttopic, nor my issue, but it seems you didn’t fully understood request.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Thanks for telling me that