No emails being sent for event


I configured an event:

I do get the event in the timeline:

I am the device owner:

But I am not receiving any email
(I do receive emails for ie test automations I made)

any ideas why this is not happening?


and as an addition, I previously had the event “warning” setup as a push notification, I removed this (as you can see in the above screenshot) but I am still getting push notifications for a “warning” event.

Not sure but it looks like my event reconfiguration to email instead of push notification has not been processed correctly?

found it, I needed to set the email address/contact in Metadata of the template

hmmm still no joy…

I created a contact
(checked the email address, it works)

Added the contact as email recipient to the “warning event”

Just got a “warning event” on a device that uses the template for which I defined the event, metadata contact and notification

But no email…

What am I missing here?
Any help is appreciated as I need to get this working for a pilot with a customer!