No Email with the Auth Token

Hello from Germany,

I’m a new member and I like the software from the first minute . I started my first steps today, but I never received a Email with an Auth Token. Also I haven’t received an Email after I installed the App on my IPhone. When I check my account information, I can see the correct Email. There is also no Email in the Spam folder.

Any idea what I can do?

A workaround for the Auth code is to copy it from the app and paste it into an email to yourself from the phone.


Thank you for the quick answer. At this moment I play only with the app and haven’t connected it with my ESP32 but I was astonished that I never received a welcome Email. Do you think it is OKAY and Blynk has the correct Email on their file.

Hello Pete,

I found the problem. It seems that Blynk has a problem to send Emails to my German provider , I checked the App with a different Email address from the same Provider and got the same problem. Also the request for a new password never reached me.

Then I opened a new account with Is is working, Welcome Email and a Token.

I guess I lost the money for my sold Energie.


I’m still struggling to understand why you can’t use your original email address and the energy that you’ve bought with that account.
As you’ve seen with the new account, the system generated emails don’t contain much other than the Auth code, which you can obtain anyway as I’ve described.

As to whether the issue lies with Blynk or the email provider is something that I can’t comment on.


I know it’s too late but did you solve the problem?
Here’s what I suggest:-
Try searching your spam folder.
Check the ‘promotions’ folder.
Maybe you find it helpful :smiley: