No direct pin operations available. Maybe you need to install mraa or onoff modules

I had to search many hours to solve the problem with the installation of onoff on my RPi 3 B running on Jessie (armv71).

Running blynk-client works but I get the error : No direct pin operations available…

The reason it failed is that there are errors during the install of onoff. The module epoll returns warnings and errors. Something about permissions to make directories.

What for me finally worked was running the command:
root@raspberrypi:/ opt# npm install --unsafe-perm -g onoff

Good luck


Wanted to try Blynk with a simple on/off swith with my Raspberry Pi3 but received the same error message. It also seems that the problems come from the onoff-installation since there were many error messages. However nothing helped so far (re-installing the operating system etc). Have there been any new findings ever since 2018 in this case? Looking forward to hearing from amyone…