No Bluetooth in widget tools

Hey everyone

New to arduino projects and Blynk.
I downloaded the Blynk app on my iPhone 10 and am starting my first project. In the widget tools I cannot find “bluetooth”. There is “ble” but no Bluetooth.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app and still nothing. My arduino software on the desktop has the Blynk libraries added.

How can I add the Bluetooth widget to the tools menu in the app?

iPhone v.12.0
Blynk firmware v.2.26.0(9)

BLE (Beta) is all there is. I don’t know if there’s anything different available in Android, but for iOS that’s all there is.


This is not a Blynk limitation. Apple’s iOS apparently doesn’t do BT the same way as Android (reportedly Apple restricts end user functions), so only the BLE widget is available

Okay thank you Gunner as well as Pete (above).
So to continue with Bluetooth Projects using an iOS, am I to use BLE? Or am I out of luck for any Bluetooth projects unless switching to an android device?

BLE works fine…ish (all BT/BLE Blyk stuff is in beta and results widely differ) as long as your MCU device supports BLE or you use a BLE to Serial module.

The only BLE device I have is the LightBlue Bean… which in of itself is discontinued and had issues with Blynk compatibility on any platform. But I have briefly been able to connect and see some results over my jurassic era iPhone 4S in past testing.