Nicosia is not in Asia

@Dmitriy you RTC widget has MANY European destinations is Europe AND in Asia.

Is Asia a bug?

Not sure. This is default Android locales list. So it hard to say. @BlynkAndroidDev WDYT?

Could you add screenshots of that list with stranger timezone?

@BlynkAndroidDev they are random European locations rather than a sequential list.

This is Istanbul in Asia

Maybe the European destinations are actually in Asia as far as Android is concerned.

There are a lot of Gulf State locations like Dubai, Bahrain, Tehran, Tel-Aviv, Riyadh, Qatar, Kuwait etc in the Asia group.

I think what Android are mistakenly doing is covering the occupied north of Nicosia as a Turkish state in Asia and then providing the free South of Nicosia as a European destination. This is completely wrong as the occupied north of the country isn’t a recognised state.

Maybe I will contact Android and put them right.

Geographically the entire island of cyprus is part of Asia, so is the east side of Istanbul. No politics just tomato-tomatoe.

@Nanite I guess I should be grateful that Android included the European alternative as well as Asia :slight_smile:

I knew Istanbul was partly in Asia and partly in Europe but hadn’t realised I was living in Asia.