Newbie Help, Widget, No Data Text

Hello All,

I am using a Wemos D1 board. I have a DHT11 Temperature / Humidity sensor. Temperature and Humidity will display in serial monitor. As well in a LCD display I have set up. I set up Blynk and it connects to my Wemos. Now when setting up widgets, when complete, there is no”----“when off line. The Value display is blank. If I set up a gauge the gauge will react to the sensor output. Put your hand on the sensor. As it warms up the gauge readout reacts, goes up / down. But there is no text in the center of the gauge. I read through a few tutorials and watched a few YouTube videos. In the videos when a value display or gauge is set up, off line, it will have “----“displayed where the data text will show. Again my widgets are blank. Data for Blynk is using VPins. Also I have a LED set up to the button. That works as well.

Thanks for any help.

Using Arduino for coding

Windows 10

Xfinity Internet / using Wi-Fi

Android phone Galaxy S7 (Up to Date)

My guess is that you’ve removed the entry for the Label on the gauge setup screens.

It should look something like this for the temperature gauge…


Add this for humidity…



This look right? The % is a different color. That indicate a problem?

Yes, that’s fine.


So, seeing that the gauges react as I would expect with temperature and Humidity, moving up/down. I am going to assume my code is O.K. with write to Vpin. And my LED turns On/Off with the button tells me the connection is O.K. and the Blynk app is working.
So am I correct in concentrating on the phone and or Blink app as the issue.
It is an old phone, Galaxy S7. But I have had no other issues with apps running. Even the Ford Pass works and that is a known problem with older hardware.
I have thought about deleting the Blynk app and re-loading.
My Blynk version is 2.27.21

So are you saying that adding-in these label values didn’t work?


Correct. Still not working.

What format are you sending the data in?


Cool! You may be on to something! To be honest I do not know what format it is in. I copy and paste the sketch from the tutorial I was learning from. The tutorial was only displaying temperature. But I added the Humidity and the LED button on my own. Not at my home PC now. I would post the link of the tutorial if I was. My project before was the DHT11 sensor with a LCD display for T and H. Then I made a web server to display the data on a web page. Then added a button to turn on/off a LED. My e-net provided did not allow web serving outside my home network. I wanted to do this from anywhere. This led me to Blynk!

But one thing that keeps me suspecting my phone or the Blynk app. During the tutorial when they were setting up the Gauge or Visual Display. They were not connected at the time. The widgets would show “----“when they would go back to the home screen. Then when they would go live. The “----“ would turn into the text data. When I was setting mine up I did not see the “----“ it would just be blank. And if I had no name text set up the widget would disappear after the setup grid disappears. Even if code was wrong I think I should still get the “----”.

Just want to say thank for your time. What do I look for in the code for the format? Or, I could just post the code.

FYI, will not be home for a few days. So there may be a delay in my response.

Again thanks!!!


This is the tutorial I used:

Monitoring Temperature Remotely with Blynk for Dummies - Arduino Project Hub

What an awful tutorial!

I’d suggest looking at the Sketch Builder examples.


Could you post a link to one you would recommend?

Click Sketch Builder at the top right of the screen, select your hardware and choose the DHT sketch.


Wow!!! What a great resource!!!


O.K Re-wrote the code using the sketch builder. Have that working. There must be a compatibility issue with my phone. I downloaded an Android Emulator and loaded Blynk onto it. Blynk works as it should using the emulator, data shows in the gauge/displays. But I found a work around with my phone! LCD Widget!!! The LCD works great on my phone!!!